Lesson Scheduler
for equine trainers

An effective lesson scheduling tool to help equine trainers be more efficient, and spend less time staying in touch with clients. Easily (re)schedule lessons including horse assignments....


Software specific for equine trainers

Looking for an easy mobile lesson planner? Fed up with software that just doesn't work for a horse trainer? Strange functionality that does not apply to horses and barns? The Lesson Scheduler app speaks your langauge. No gimmicks!

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Stay in touch with your client with the push of a button

The lesson scheduler app stays in touch with your clients by SMS and sends automatic reminders and change notifications on your behalf. Our template messages are concise and well written. No text to enter from a mobile device.


The lesson scheduler app works where you work when you work

At the barn all day? Or maybe even going from barn to barn? We got you covered with the lesson scheduler app which works from any internet enabled device, so you can keep up with work at work. Supports iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows 10, Windows, Apple, Chromebook and more. Software works in the cloud. This means your latest changes are always available on all of your devices.